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Apartment Owners Facing Second Lot of Leaky Building Repair

A new development in the leaky home saga is emerging as some people are finding that their homes are failing for the second time.

The Body Corporate Chair's Group was formed to give advice and support to people running big apartment blocks including help with issues such as leaky building repairs.

The inaugural meeting of the Auckland branch was held last month and attended by a large number of people, some of whom travelled from as far as Tauranga and Hamilton.

The majority of people at the meeting had been involved in a leaky building remedial process at some stage and many were facing their second round of building repairs after discovering that the first fix up had failed.

Remediation works are failing because the first round of repairs were carried out inadequately or failed to address all of the issues and the building industry's current boom phase is making it even more difficult for owners to get on top of the problem.

Those attending the meeting commented that owners were struggling to engage builders and architects as well as facing increasing prices.

To try to help with the problem, three of the banks, Westpac, BNZ and ASB have put in place an escrow arrangement whereby money is put aside with a trusted agent such as a law firm, with payments made for remediation purposes and only after robust certification procedures are met.

To minimise the risk of the remedial work failing down the track, home owners need to get qualified and informed help with reputable project managers and remediation specialists, qualified to provide the level of expertise required.

Sure Coat is a respected specialist in the monolithic cladding and weather-tightness industry in Auckland. We have 25 years of experience and get most of our work through word of mouth, based on recommendations from past clients. We understand the impact of a leaky building on those affected and will assist home owners through the remediation process to develop a remedial plan that will work for you.