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Importance of regular maintenance programs

Your house is probably your biggest asset as well as your home - so it's important to look after it, starting with the external cladding.

All exterior claddings need regular maintenance to ensure their long term performance and to guard against effects of leaking. It's no different from getting your car serviced regularly to ensure that any problems are picked up early, it’s working optimally and is less likely to malfunction.

Some homes with monolithic cladding types are at risk of being leaky buildings, so you need to be particularly vigilant and carry out a careful inspection of the cladding at least once a year. If you have concerns that you may have a leaky home you should seek professional advice.

For general maintenance, the cladding should be washed regularly. For some claddings, you may be required to wash them at specified intervals to keep the warranty valid. Washing the cladding as part of a regular maintenance check will extend the building's life however you do need to check with the manufacturer or get professional advice beforehand for any specific cleaning requirements and to avoid any potential damage.

Sure Coat offers a range of maintenance services throughout the Auckland area, set up as a scheduled program of works. These regular maintenance programs are available for all residential homes from free-standing to multi-unit developments as well as commercial properties.

Services offered include exterior chemical cleans for walls and roofs as well as driveways and paths if required, an inspection of the exterior cladding system and a summary inspection report highlighting any potential issues.

One of the main benefits of arranging a regular planned maintenance program with Sure Coat is the peace of mind that your home is being looked after by professionals.