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Increase in Leaky Homes being listed on Trade Me

Leaky homes are not going away in a hurry. New cases continue to emerge and each and every one was built to New Zealand standards and was likely code compliant. A quick search under 'leaky' in Trade Me will regularly come up with once beautiful homes now described as a "leaky opportunity" for tradesmen to fix and resell.

The rush to build more homes to meet the housing demand in Auckland is seeing a repetition of the previous cowboy culture. The Home Owners and Buyers Association of New Zealand (HOBANZ) president, John Gray says the behaviours of some building practitioners are continuing to compromise the performance and integrity of homes.

So far this year, just some of the leaky issues reported in Auckland have included the Heritage Hotel, the Scene One apartment complex, and the Scotia Tower. Nationally, there are 12,245 known properties and 7267 active leaky claims. A government commissioned report by PwC in 2009 estimated there were up to 89,000 leaky homes in New Zealand.

HOBANZ's Gray says the youngest leaky home he's aware of is still under construction and describes the thought of the leaky home problem being a distant memory, as just a fallacy. He warns that the situation will just get worse as the pressure on the industry heats up.

At a recent select committee meeting, Auckland Council manager of building control, Ian McCormick also sounded an alarm bell for building quality, stating that between 25 and 40 per cent of all building inspections continue to fail.

Similarly, when Hamilton Councillor Andrew King asked their council building control manager if he would suggest that no building given a code compliance certificate today would turn out to be leaky, he replied: "I'd love to guarantee that but I don't think I can."

Buyer beware has become a mandatory attitude for those in the market but while it appears there is little new home buyers can do to safeguard themselves, a well-established, well trusted company like SureCoat can help.

At SureCoat we have 25 years’ experience specialising in monolithic cladding and leaky home repairs in the Auckland region. We can help with future proofing inspections of your new home to find, repair or prevent potential issues including cracks, deteriorating paint work and failing sealant. Our testimonials show we're highly regarded so don't hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have.