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Property Maintenance

Given the critical nature of the performance of Claddings and particularly, Monolithic Claddings - property maintenance including these areas has never been more important. A coating system that is regularly washed down, inspected and maintained will out perform one that is not.

New Zealand's Building authorities have identified this and provisioned a clause within the Building Code E2:External Moisture. Clause 2.5, indicates that a building should be washed down, inspected and have required building maintenance work undertaken each year.

SureCoat offers residential property maintenance services throughout the Auckland area as a scheduled process, where we will contact you and make an arrangement for this work to be undertaken, then issue a document confirming this has been completed, for your records.

SureCoat offers scheduled property maintenance in Auckland that includes the following services:-

  • Exterior Chemical Clean to walls, With Roofs, and Driveways, paths Etc If Required.
  • Inspection of exterior cladding system only.
  • Summary inspection report highlighting defects and items for attention
  • A Quotation for Repair work to rectify any issues
  • Repainting Quotation (if required)

Scheduled Auckland Property Maintenance is available for singular houses through to Body Corporate entities and Commercial Properties.
To ask about our Scheduled Property Maintenance options call us in Auckland on 021744810 or free phone 0800 33 55 99